Luxury, heritage and community. These are the words synoynmous with Machani Ananda.

Ananda is a community centered around traditional Indian value systems. That said, technology is integrated into the community to facilitate the facets of modern living. We understand that the families belonging of the community are seeking a heightened living experience. A place they can call home. We want the community at Ananda to have a unique experience, that of a harmonious, vibrant haven in the midst of bustling Bengaluru.

At approximately 3500 square feet, each home at Ananda is indeed fit for a king. Each home is designed keeping in mind the age old science of Vaastu, an integral part of our culture. We understand the role of the elements in healthy living. Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and, Light form the core of each home. We invite you to embrace serenity in the midst of Basavanagudi. We invite you to embrace a balanced way of life.

We invite you to join us in the blissful journey we call ‘Ananda’. 

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Home to the Bull temple after which it was named, Basavanagudi is one of the oldest localities in the dynamic metropolitan of Bengaluru. Historically, it has evolved from the realm of most of the Kannada Brahmin families in Bengaluru, to one of the most diverse in terms of the many communities that now call this enchanted place home. 

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The two towers at Ananda named Praana and Dhyana are an attempt at balancing the way we live and function in our everyday lives.  Praana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy". It also includes energies present in inanimate objects. While Dhyana is contemplating that concept/idea in all its aspects, forms and consequences. Dhyana is uninterrupted train of thought, flow of awareness.



Connect to your physical self with focus, exercise and play. The concept of ‘praana’ is used to design the yoga studio, gym, squash court and other game zones.



Evoke your senses at the library, lounge or cafe. ‘Dhyaana’ which leads to knowledge drives the design of the community space where people can meet, learn and work.