Terms & Conditions summary

Contractual Conditions

Please find below a summary of the original Agreement to Sell. The summary does not replace or supersede the Agreement to Sell. The Agreement to Sell is the only legally binding document. This summary’s purpose is to help you quickly understand the most salient features of the Agreement. The numbers in brackets refer to the relevant sections of the agreement.

  • We are the actual owners of the land and reserve the rights and permissions to build the property on this land (Section 18.a-e).

  • Most of the costs are calculated on the basis of the Super Built Up Area, and not the Carpet Area of each apartment. This includes the thickness of walls, the area of balconies and terraces and your share of the Common Areas (1.1.x, 11.j).

  • Standard Payment Terms: You are responsible for taxes such as the Property Tax, Wealth Tax, etc. and you will bear the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee (section 6, 16.1,). After you are issued the Occupancy Certificate (OC), you will take over the responsibility of paying the Municipal Taxes (17.1). You are also responsible for compliance with relevant norms, if you are a Non-Resident Indian. (Section 7).

  • You are free to take a loan for the purchase of the apartment. If the Agreement to Sell is executed before you secure the loan, the amounts and due dates in the agreement remain unchanged whether you obtain your loan or not (Section 9). See the list of our partnering banks

  • We will deliver the apartment according to our standard specifications, unless agreed otherwise. The exact specifications can be found in Annexure 4 of your contract. (Section 12)

  • We will deliver the common premises according to our specifications. (11.d, 12.)

  • We may periodically modify the common areas for improvement of the project. (11.f)

  • In case of intentional delay at our end, you may withdraw from the deal after a grace period of six months and request a refund of payments made until that point including a reasonable interest, or you may request that we pay you the interest for the period of the delay on top of the amount paid until that point (13.3-4; Interest: 1.1.j)

  • You do not own the apartment until the whole amount has been cleared. We retain the right to withdraw the offer from you and refund partial payments made until that point. (14.1; 30)

  • The Carpet Area of your apartment needs to be confirmed and adjusted after relevant authorities issue the Occupancy Certificate (OC), once construction is complete. If the carpet area changes at this point, we will adjust the difference in Total Sale Amount by requesting you to top up the difference or refund the extra amount to you, as and when applicable. (14.3)

  • When you take possession of the apartment, you accept that the apartment is completed as per specifications from our end. (14.4)

  • Upon notification that the apartment is ready for use, you will be required to pay the minimum electricity and water charges, property tax and maintenance expense fees within 15 days, whether you take possession or not. (14.5, 24.2-3) The amount you pay as deposit for maintenance starts being consumed from when the apartment is ready for possession. (24.4) If you don’t take possession or complete the purchase, you may have to pay additional holding charges (14.6)

  • Access to the Common House is granted at the decision of the Seller, and its continuation is dependant on adherence to all policies defined by the Seller, and dependant on timely payments of all maintenance and other recurring charges (20ii; 22.2)

  • Especially during your apartment fit-out, you will have to comply with all obligations and regulations set out by us, to avoid delay of the timely delivery of the project. (21.1)

  • Residents and apartment owners are not allowed, now or at any point in the future, to change the layout of their apartments. They are also required to maintain their apartment in a good shape at their own cost, and will be responsible for any damage to the common structure, infrastructure, and installations. (21.8. 21.9)

  • You may only begin your apartment fit-out works after the apartment has been handed over to you. (21.10)

  • We are free to allocate the parking lots based on our own decisions. Your parking space cannot be used for any other purpose except vehicle parking. (21.13)

  • The Association of Owners will eventually be formed and governed by the Deed of Declaration. (23.1-23.2) This association will be involved in administering the property. (23.3.-4.)

  • Your apartment, its designated parking lots, and your share in the common premises cannot be split into smaller parts. You cannot sell any part separately other than the whole. (21.6, 21.15-16)

  • You cannot opt out from contributing to the expenses of the common premises and the Common House amenities. (22.1,22.2, Schedule D 3).

  • Depending on when you move in, work may be ongoing in adjacent buildings or premises. While we'll do our best to minimise dust and noise, as you are now aware of this limitation, you agree not to delay work in any way. (21.17)

  • What you pay for the Total Sale Amount (at the point of sale) does not include fees for direct usage of services or facilities and possible future additional charges for improvements, renewal or upgrades of facilities. (22.2)

  • You have no legal right to obstruct development (25)

  • We are responsible for defects up to 5 years from when we issue the Occupancy Certificate (OC). Reasonable wear and tear are not considered defects (29a)

Full text of the Agreement to Sell is available upon request.

Essential Policies

Below is a summary of property policies that will be binding for all residents and cannot be opted out from. Please review the list and don't hesitate to get in touch with your questions if any of the policies are particularly important to you and your family. Please mind that the current list may not be final - you may want to request an updated version at the time when you are requesting your proposal or executing the Agreement to Sell. We hold the right to add and adjust policies in the future.

Cultural and dietary discrimination

  • The property welcomes both vegetarian or non-vegetarian residents. We will not place any restrictions on residents that choose to buy an apartment on the same floor as yours.

Secular Policy

  • The property welcomes residents of all faiths and worldviews. Residents of all faiths will be allowed to celebrate their festivals within the Common Premises, within reasonable boundaries, without compromising the comfort of other residents.

Pet policy

  • Pets are welcome on the property, subject to respecting the comfort of other fellow residents who may not be pet-enthusiasts: Pets but must always be on leash with masks while on the property outside your home, and must never be left unattended. Dog-walking must always be carried out outside the premises. It is mandatory to pick up after your pets. Only use the service lift while with pets.

Smoking policy

  • In order to protect well-being of non-smoking residents, smoking is allowed only in designated area on the ground floor. Smoking in balconies is not allowed.

Domestic help policy

  • For improved security and safety of residents, all domestic help, including full-time maids/cooks, will be required to wear standardised name badge when moving around the property, so that they can be easily identified as authorised staff. All domestic help have to obtain police verification, for the purpose of which initial submission of their ID cards is mandatory.

Waste disposal policy

  • Segregated waste will be collected in designated sealable bags. In an effort to make our property and community eco friendly, residents will be charged for garbage collection per garbage bag so as to encourage everyone to minimise the amount of waste. One designated garbage disposal bag a day is included in your regular maintenance fee.

Exclusivity of common premises

  • In order to preserve the privacy and atmosphere of the Common House as an extension of your home, most of its premises will not be freely accessible to external guests. Permission for a guest to enter into the exclusive premises can be requested by a resident and we will control the frequency and number of guests invited.

Community living culture

  • We strive to build a thriving community and promote warm, neighbourly relations. We expect and encourage our residents to be polite and being mindful of each other's presence in all common premises.

  • In case of any conflict or issue with a co-resident, residents are required to approach the association committee to resolve the same instead of taking any action on your own.

Moving in and out policy

  • Fit-out work in your apartment/Oversized delivery/Bulk furniture delivery will have to comply with our regulations and restrictions. Complete guidelines on our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be provided at the point of Proposal or when executing the Agreement to Sell.