fast-tracking your loan application

Banks That We Cooperate With

In order to accelerate your journey towards your new home, we have secured clearance of our project with a number of prominent banks. Upon submitting all the required documents, you can expect an outcome on your loan application within 7-10 days with the following institutions:

  • Federal Bank - Home
    Contact person: Mr Praveen +91 98455 46501

  • Kotak Mahindra
    Contact person: Mr Gopi +91 80505 90795

  • SBI
    Contact person: Mr Sridhar +91 77608 83838

  • L&T Finance
    Contact person: Mr Saadiq +91 98450 43011


You are free to negotiate a loan with any bank of your preference. Please take into consideration when planning your project that banks not featured on the above list may take between 60-90 days to approve a loan, as they may not have conducted prior evaluation and provided clearance to our property.

Documents Required for Loan Application

While exact requirements may differ from bank to bank, the below list summaries standard documents that any bank is likely to request in order to accept your loan application. Keeping your documents ready in advance will reduce the time taken in processing your application. The following are the documents that you must have on hand for the application:

  1. ID proof - Passport, Adhaar, Ration Card, Driving Licence, PAN card

  2. Address proof -  Passport, Adhaar, Ration Card, Driving Licence

  3. Income proof - Salary slips, Company offer letters, Income tax returns, Audited financials for Businesses

  4. Bank statements - Savings account, Current account

  5. PAN copy & references/guarantors as may be required by the bank