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Luxury, heritage and community. These are the words synoynmous with Machani Ananda.

Ananda is a community centered around traditional Indian value systems. That said, technology is integrated into the community to facilitate the facets of modern living. We understand that the families belonging of the community are seeking a heightened living experience. A place they can call home. We want the community at Ananda to have a unique experience, that of a harmonious, vibrant haven in the midst of bustling Bengaluru.

At approximately 3500 square feet, each home at Ananda is indeed fit for a king. Each home is designed keeping in mind the age old science of Vaastu, an integral part of our culture. We understand the role of the elements in healthy living. Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and, Light form the core of each home. We invite you to embrace serenity in the midst of Basavanagudi. We invite you to embrace a balanced way of life.

We invite you to join us in the blissful journey we call ‘Ananda’. 

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Home to the Bull temple after which it was named, Basavanagudi is one of the oldest localities in the dynamic metropolitan of Bengaluru. Historically, it has evolved from the realm of most of the Kannada Brahmin families in Bengaluru, to one of the most diverse in terms of the many communities that now call this enchanted place home. 

More about Basavanagudi

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The two towers at Ananda named Praana and Dhyana are an attempt at balancing the way we live and function in our everyday lives.  Praana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy". It also includes energies present in inanimate objects. While Dhyana is contemplating that concept/idea in all its aspects, forms and consequences. Dhyana is uninterrupted train of thought, flow of awareness.



Connect to your physical self with focus, exercise and play. The concept of ‘praana’ is used to design the yoga studio, gym, squash court and other game zones.



Evoke your senses at the library, lounge or cafe. ‘Dhyaana’ which leads to knowledge drives the design of the community space where people can meet, learn and work.




Overlooking a beautiful central water courtyard, the clubhouse is a double heighted expansive 36,000 Sq Ft space designed seamlessly housing state of the art amenities for the residents. A fully equipped gym and yoga room, meditation spaces, community lounge, cafe, multi-sport arena, library, business center are just a few of an exhaustive list of clubhouse offerings. All this with stunning views of the lush landscape make it a clubhouse like no other. 



Meet and greet your guests at this 5000 sq.ft. of luxurious space. The lounge offers various types of seating that allows for both formal and informal meets. A place to interact with the community as well.


The infinity pool on the eighteenth floor offers unmatched views of Bangalore. With an accompanying open landscaped terrace the pool is designed and tucked away providing a layer of privacy to the residents.


A lush landscape with a central water-body becomes an extension of the adjoining Ramakrishna estate, the landscape has several unique spaces to experience. A treehouse to a children’s play area to walking tracks, the landscape offers several opportunities to experience nature right in the heart of the city.  


The Amphitheatre at Ananda has been constructed with a seating capacity of 400 people and a stage dimension of 500sq ft. With such an expansive setup, the Amphitheatre can play host to some spectacular events.


Exercising regularly leads you to a healthy lifestyle. The gym and yoga studio offer the best equipment and instructors to help you achieve the your work out goals. Also find a squash court, table tennis, and other board  games.


With over 2000 books that have been carefully curated, this space allows you to bring out reader in you. Relax and read in comfort the library while you sip on a warm cup of coffee, or borrow a book and read at your own pace.


Taaqademy is a music school teaching guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals across the widest variety of genres and styles – but what we’re truly after is inspiration. Lighting that spark behind the eyes. Injecting a sure shot of excitement. Delivering an experience that is addictive, uplifting - and just plain old great fun.


Book one of our meeting rooms designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused. We know that sometimes getting out of your everyday environment is just what people need to get their creative juices flowing





At Ananda, we are keen on setting high standards in customer experience and transparency.

We understand the eagerness and emotions attached with your home. We are passionately hand-crafting your homes and toiling hard to make it ready for you!

You can track our periodic construction updates here.



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At Machani Group, we make it our primary effort to design communities that are centered around fundamental priniciples for holistic living, with the flexibility to evolve for the needs of the future.

Our inspiration stems from the illustrious Indian artisans. India is home to unparalleled skill and fine craftsmanship.  It is the keen attention to details that makes the art landscape of India as vivid as it is.

We understand and value the core of every Indian home - It’s people. We understand the relationships and interactions that make for a typical Indian home. This forms the focal point of our design strategy; Improving the quality of life in Indian homes, while retaining its essence.

It is our belief that the Indian home is unlike any other. Be it our meticulous, heightened culinary styling, or our spaces of prayer and sanctity, we have extremely defined traditions. Our hospitality and warmth are intrinsic parts of our culture. We strive to do more with less. Our families are tapestries of extended family, friends, and our help. 

Our team comprises of a deliberate balance of technical minds and creative talent. We believe that our wisdom lies in our collective strengths. Be it the lineage of fine engineering, the radical thinking architects, or the young design team, our collective vision is to create seamless experiences for modern Urban Indian living. We wish to be curators of exquisite Indian communities and of homes where aesthetic and ergonomics collide.

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